An universe with all kinds of projects and illustrations it did in the past 5 years. Some for friends, some for fun and some for money.

Goodbyecard for my Coworker Domi

Kein Kollektiv Partyflyer

Kein Kollektiv Partyflyer

Etiquette for a selfmade Liqueur i do occasionally with my brother

Filmposter for Lasse Linder

Illustration for a Party that never happened

Illustration for Einzigart and their Christmas newspaper

Illustration of the Seasons, a Calendar for ETH, January to June

Illustration of the Seasons, a Calendar for ETH, July to December

Illustration for Suprise Magazin

Goodbyecard for my Coworker Titzli

Kein Kollektiv Partyflyer

Filmposter i did for my Friend Jelena

Free Illustration

For a competition where I forgot what it was about

Kein Kollektiv Partyflyer

Shirt Design for Kein Museum

Goodbyecard for my Coworker Fabian

Second animation e did

First animation i did

Out of my Mind