Hy, my name is Wanda and I'm a Digital Designer from Zürich and currently working at Process Group.

I would without any doubt describe myself as a thrilled personality, who loves to design and organize complex stuff (maybe because i also like sudoku?). As my primary teachers as well as coworkers always said to me, i'm an enrichment for every team, and team spirit is my mindset (we just believe them okay?).
So please feel free and don't hesitate to contact me for your open jobs or interesting projects!


I know all the Adobe programs (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, as well as Premiere and After Effects). I work mostly in Sketch, InVision and Zeplin also I've got experience maintaining CMS content in AEM and Typo3. After work I draw and animate 2D animations in Procreate.
Last Year I began to work with Webflow. With it I gained an enormous amount of knowledge about coding and I absolutely love it. I actually designed this website with it! With this tooI also got some insight into Weglot and Stripo, too. My future plans are to get in touch with Figma.


Since my graduation as a graphic designer I've had the chance to work in different agencies mostly in corporate identity and advertising but I always knew deep inside I always wanted to get into the digital sector and im very happy in this area of work. The agencies i worked at were: Metrographen, Startbahnwest, Streuplan, Strichpunkt and until shortly, Netvertising. Netvertising was merging with Plan.net Suisse in may 2019, where I was transferred too.
I also got a diploma in interaction design with interactivedock. If I've got enough time I also do some unsalaried work for non-profits like: WWF Suisse or Freiplatzaktion, which is a NGO that offers free legal advice to sans papier or refugees.


I already worked for a variety of clients from big to small, to name a few bigger ones: Schweizer Käse, Coop Pronto, BMW, Mini, ITS Coop, SV Group, Louis Widmer, Krebsliga, Huawei, Credit Suisse, Orell Füssli, Wacker Neuson, Micasa, Migros Do-it, Nivea, Hero, Caotina, Unilever (Lipton).


I want to work in an environment where I can feed my eager to learn new things and work in a multidisciplinary team with a great team spirit to work together at a project. An agency where I have a perspective for my career, with leaders that inspire.
May I introduce you my working companion Saffa. She's a quiet and lovely lady from a shelter in Italy. She loves belly rubs and a good old fashioned Cervelat.


In my spare time, I'm curating a small art space at Enge called Kein Museum, where we organize exhibitions and offer an open and safe space for experiments. I design all the graphics as well as handle the finance part and internal communications. Furthermore I love taking my dog Saffa for a walk in the Allmend park and I'm a passionate horse rider. If I've got some time left and feel inspired I love to fix stuff around the house or i'm reworking furniture.