Kein Museum opened in October 2018 as a small independent art space. Starting with 7, we consist of 9 members. We organize all kinds of exhibitions, so far 33 events and the coming half year is already full of more great projects. In addition to being a curator, I shape our appearance, mostly flyers, our website that is coming soon or the design of our own room or the exhibitions. Our appearance is jolly and colorful. I love our collective and the work we do. It's a lot of learning by doing, and we create a culture not with hierarchy but equality, where everyone takes responsibility about the part they want to take.

Corporate Identity
Event Design
Social Media

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
UX/UI Design

Since 2018

Corporate identity includes our Logo and we've made a magazine with all our exhibitions of our first six months. It also acts as our appearance and template for foundation submissions.

A sneak peak from the new website.