Kein Museum opened in October 2018 as a small independent art space. Starting with 7, we consist of 9 members. We organize all kinds of exhibitions, soon 40 events and the coming half year is already full of more great projects. In addition to being a curator, I shape our appearance, mostly flyers, our new website or the design of our own room and the exhibitions. Our appearance is jolly and colorful. I love our collective and the work we do. It's a lot of learning by doing, and we create a culture not with hierarchy but equality, where everyone takes responsibility about the part they want to take.


Corporate Identity
Event Design
Social Media


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
UX/UI Design
Realisation implementation and maintenance website


Since 2018

We need a new website because we made the old one with Allyou and were unsatisfied with it. I held a workshop with all members where we revised the content and requirements for the new website. I thought about how to create the new website for a long time, but since I learned Webflow last year, I found a platform with which you can do everything we wanted and needed. The greatest difficulty was, on the one hand, transferring the entire content of all events, which mainly took up time, and, on the other hand, deciding on a design that everyone likes.

The best of all the Poster, I did in this time.

Corporate identity includes our Logo and we've made a magazine with all our exhibitions of our first six months. It also acts as our appearance and template for foundation submissions.