Köhler is a stationery shop with eleven stores around the lake of Zurich. Since the hosting was ending on their old website, they needed a new one and I had the chance to learn Webflow next to working on their project.

After I analyzed the old site it got clear that their page works more as an extended business card, because the have a lot of external shops.Three parts stood out: the seven shops, the eleven stores and the opportunity to communicate their promotions. As always I started with my wireframes and then began designing the site until I started to do it on Webflow.

The challenge was the lack of communication from the client, they didn't give me any requirements to work with, except to have an easy and functional website, plus they were satisfied with every idea I showed them. What I'm happy about is I could definitely realize my first website with Webflow and have the micro animations made by my coworkers and of course in the end to have a happy client!


New Website
From the sketch to the independent implementation with Webflow


Plan.net Suisse


Laurent Jakimov